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 {{:​graphanno.pdf|Volker Gast's slides}} {{:​graphanno.pdf|Volker Gast's slides}}
 {{:​handout.pdf|Elena Pascual'​s handout for the lab class}} {{:​handout.pdf|Elena Pascual'​s handout for the lab class}}
 +{{:​prezi_presentation.pdf|Elena Pascual'​s slides for the lab class}}
-Merel Scholman's and Vera Demberg's slides ({{:​trainingschool_lecture_1.pdf|1}},​ {{:​trainingschool_lecture_2.pdf|2}})+Vera Demberg's and Merel Scholman's slides ({{:​trainingschool_lecture_1.pdf|1}},​ {{:​trainingschool_lecture_2.pdf|2}})

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