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 ===== Questions ===== ===== Questions =====
   * Does the term //point of prefixation//​ mean the same as the term //morpheme boundary//?   * Does the term //point of prefixation//​ mean the same as the term //morpheme boundary//?
 +  * In section 4 of the paper - //​experimental results presented were done using 10-fold cross validation//​
 +    * On what data the autor did the tuning of the models? Aren't the results ? //For example ommiting the case of deletion of vowels in stem?//
 +  * in section 4.1, Table 5 - shoudn'​t the WF model give allvays better results than the EOS model? The division of the word in EOS model is simplified division in WF model. Isn't it?
 Written by Martin Kirschner Written by Martin Kirschner

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