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 ~~NOTOC~~ ~~NOTOC~~
-===== Reading Group ===== 
-Official name of this course is [[https://is.cuni.cz/studium/predmety/index.php?do=predmet&kod=NPFL095|NPFL095]] **Modern Methods in Computational Linguistics**. It is a continuation of informal Reading Group (RG) meetings. Requirements for getting credits:  
-  * presenting one paper, 
-    * Select a term (write your name to the schedule below) before October 14. 
-    * If no paper is assigned to the term, suggest [[mailto:popel@ufal.mff.cuni.cz|me]] 2--3 papers you would like to present (with pdf links, and your preferences) before October 21. Ideally, make a group of 2--4 students presenting papers on a common topic (starting from basics to more advance papers). 
-    * Prepare your presentation and 3--5 quiz questions. At least 3 of the questions should ask for a specific answer, e.g. "write an equation for...", "given training set X=([dog,N],[cat,Y]), what is the number..." (Not "what do you think about..."). The first question should be quite easy to answer for those who have read the whole paper. The last question may be a tricky one. Send me the questions two weeks before your presentation. We may discuss the paper and refine the questions. 
-    * One week before the presentation, write the questions to a dedicated wiki page here. Send a reminder (questions and a link to the pdf of the paper) to rg@ufal.mff.cuni.cz by Monday 15:50. 
-  active participation in the discussions, which is conditioned by reading the papers in advance and attending the meetings, +===== Reading Group =====   
-  * sending your answers to me and the presenter by Saturday 23:59 (so the presenter can go through all answers before the presentation and focus more on problematic parts)+Official name of this course is [[https://is.cuni.cz/studium/predmety/index.php?do=predmet&kod=NPFL095|NPFL095]] **Modern Methods in Computational Linguistics**. It is a continuation of informal Reading Group (RG) meetings. 
-  * In case of more than three missed meetings or deadlinesadditional work (e.g. reports or answers to tricky questionswill be required.+ 
 +Since 2016, the wiki is moved to https://github.com/ufal/NPFL095/wiki and the mailing list to [[https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/npfl095|npfl095@googlegroups.com]]
 +See also [[courses:rg:past|an overview of past meetings]][[courses:rg:wishlist|an outdated wishlist]] and [[https://github.com/ufal/rg/wiki|Machine Learning RG (active in 2014)]]. 
-All questions, reports and presented papers must be in English. The presentations are in English by default, but if all present people agree it may be in Czech. 
-^ Contact      | popel@ufal.mff.cuni.cz | 
-^ Mailing list | rg@ufal.mff.cuni.cz     | 
-^ List Archive | [[http://ufal.mff.cuni.cz/mailman/listinfo/rg]] | 
-^ Meetings     | Mondays 15:50, room S1 | 
-^ Past meetings| [[courses:rg:past|courses:rg:past]] | 
-^ Inspiration  | [[courses:rg:wishlist|courses:rg:wishlist]] | 
-=== Autumn&Winter 2013/2014 === 
-^ date   | **speaker**  | **paper** | 
-^ Oct  7 |              | startup meeting | 
-^ Oct 14 | Martin Popel | Joseph P. Simmons, Leif D. Nelson, Uri Simonsohn: [[http://people.psych.cornell.edu/~jec7/pcd%20pubs/simmonsetal11.pdf|False-Positive Psychology: Undisclosed Flexibility in Data Collection and Analysis Allows Presenting Anything as Significant]], Psychological Science, 2011. [[courses:rg:2013:false-positive-psychology|Questions]]| 
-^ Oct 21 | Rudolf Rosa | Marie-Catherine de Marneffe, Christopher D. Manning: [[http://www.aclweb.org/anthology/W08-1301.pdf|The Stanford typed dependencies representation]], Coling 2008. [[courses:rg:2013:stanford-dependencies|Questions and Answers]] | 
-^ Oct 28 | —           | no RG, Independent Czechoslovak State Day  | 
-^ Nov  4 | Jan Mašek   | Slav Petrov, Dipanjan Das, Ryan McDonald: [[http://www.petrovi.de/data/universal.pdf|A Universal Part-of-Speech Tagset]] and McDonald et al.: [[http://ryanmcd.com/papers/treebanksACL2013.pdf|Universal Multilingual Annotation for Dependency Parsing]] [[courses:rg:2013:ut-and-udt|Questions]]| 
-^ Nov 11 | Ondřej Fiala | Xuchen Yao, Benjamin Van Durme, Chris Callison-Burch, Peter Clark: [[http://cs.jhu.edu/~xuchen/paper/yao-jacana-wordalign-acl2013.pdf|A Lightweight and High Performance Monolingual Word Aligner]], Proceedings of ACL, 2013. [[courses:rg:2013:jacana-align|Questions]]| 
-^ Nov 18 | Shadi Saleh |Bhagwani, Sumit and Satapathy, Shrutiranjan and Karnick, Harish:[[http://aclweb.org/anthology/S/S12/S12-1085.pdf| Semantic textual similarity using maximal weighted bipartite graph matching]] [[courses:rg:2013:semantic-textual-similarity|Questions]]|| 
-^ Nov 25 | Matous Machacek | Satanjeev Banerjee , Alon Lavie [[http://www.aclweb.org/anthology/W05-0909|METEOR: An Automatic Metric for MT Evaluation with 
-Improved Correlation with Human Judgments]] [[courses:rg:2013:meteor|Questions]]| 
-^ Dec  2 | Petr Jankovský | Petrovic, Mathews: [[http://homepages.inf.ed.ac.uk/s0894589/petrovic13unsupervised.pdf | Unsupervised joke generation from big data ]] [[courses:rg:2013:jokes|Questions]] <html><font color="red">there will be a double Monday seminar in S1 before RG, I hope we will start not much later than at 16:00</font></html> | 
-^ Dec  9 |               | 
-^ Dec 16 |               | 
-^ Jan  6 |               | 

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