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 ~~NOTOC~~ ~~NOTOC~~
-===== Reading Group ===== 
-Official name of this course is [[https://​is.cuni.cz/​studium/​predmety/​index.php?​do=predmet&​kod=NPFL095|NPFL095]] **Modern Methods in Computational Linguistics**. It is a continuation of informal Reading Group (RG) meetings. Requirements for getting credits: ​ 
-  * presenting one paper, 
-    * Select a term (write your name to the schedule below) before October 14. 
-    * If no paper is assigned to the term, suggest [[mailto:​popel@ufal.mff.cuni.cz|me]] 2--3 papers you would like to present (with pdf links, and your preferences) before October 21. Ideally, make a group of 2--4 students presenting papers on a common topic (starting from basics to more advance papers). 
-    * Prepare your presentation and 3--5 quiz questions. At least 3 of the questions should ask for a specific answer, e.g. "write an equation for...",​ "given training set X=([dog,​N],​[cat,​Y]),​ what is the number..."​ (Not "what do you think about..."​). The first question should be quite easy to answer for those who have read the whole paper. The last question may be a tricky one. Send me the questions two weeks before your presentation. We may discuss the paper and refine the questions. 
-    * One week before the presentation,​ write the questions to a dedicated wiki page here. Send a reminder (questions and a link to the pdf of the paper) to rg@ufal.mff.cuni.cz by Monday 15:50. 
-  ​active participation ​in the discussions,​ which is conditioned by reading the papers in advance and attending the meetings, +===== Reading Group =====   
-  * sending your answers ​to me and the presenter by Saturday 23:59 (so the presenter can go through all answers before the presentation and focus more on problematic parts)+Official name of this course is [[https://​is.cuni.cz/​studium/​predmety/​index.php?​do=predmet&​kod=NPFL095|NPFL095]] ​**Modern Methods ​in Computational Linguistics**. It is a continuation of informal Reading Group (RG) meetings. 
-  * In case of more than three missed ​meetings ​or deadlinesadditional work (e.g. reports or answers to tricky questionswill be required.+ 
 +Since 2016, the wiki is moved to https://​github.com/​ufal/​NPFL095/​wiki ​and the mailing list to [[https://​groups.google.com/​forum/#​!forum/​npfl095|npfl095@googlegroups.com]]
 +See also [[courses:​rg:​past|an overview ​of past meetings]][[courses:​rg:​wishlist|an outdated wishlist]] and [[https://​github.com/​ufal/​rg/​wiki|Machine Learning RG (active in 2014)]]. 
-All questions, reports and presented papers must be in English. The presentations are in English by default, but if all present people agree it may be in Czech. 
-^ Contact ​     | popel@ufal.mff.cuni.cz | 
-^ Mailing list | rg@ufal.mff.cuni.cz ​    | 
-^ List Archive | [[http://​ufal.mff.cuni.cz/​mailman/​listinfo/​rg]] | 
-^ Meetings ​    | Mondays 15:50, room S1 | 
-^ Past meetings| [[courses:​rg:​past|courses:​rg:​past]] | 
-^ Inspiration ​ | [[courses:​rg:​wishlist|courses:​rg:​wishlist]] | 
-=== Autumn&​Winter 2013/2014 === 
-^ date   | **speaker** ​ | **paper** | 
-^ Oct  7 |              | startup meeting | 
-^ Oct 14 | Martin Popel | Joseph P. Simmons, Leif D. Nelson, Uri Simonsohn: [[http://​people.psych.cornell.edu/​~jec7/​pcd%20pubs/​simmonsetal11.pdf|False-Positive Psychology: Undisclosed Flexibility in Data Collection and Analysis Allows Presenting Anything as Significant]],​ Psychological Science, 2011. [[courses:​rg:​2013:​false-positive-psychology|Questions]]| 
-^ Oct 21 | Rudolf Rosa | Marie-Catherine de Marneffe, Christopher D. Manning: [[http://​www.aclweb.org/​anthology/​W08-1301.pdf|The Stanford typed dependencies representation]],​ Coling 2008. [[courses:​rg:​2013:​stanford-dependencies|Questions and Answers]] | 
-^ Oct 28 | —           | no RG, Independent Czechoslovak State Day  | 
-^ Nov  4 | Jan Mašek ​  | Slav Petrov, Dipanjan Das, Ryan McDonald: [[http://​www.petrovi.de/​data/​universal.pdf|A Universal Part-of-Speech Tagset]] and McDonald et al.: [[http://​ryanmcd.com/​papers/​treebanksACL2013.pdf|Universal Multilingual Annotation for Dependency Parsing]] [[courses:​rg:​2013:​ut-and-udt|Questions]]| 
-^ Nov 11 | Ondřej Fiala | Xuchen Yao, Benjamin Van Durme, Chris Callison-Burch,​ Peter Clark: [[http://​cs.jhu.edu/​~xuchen/​paper/​yao-jacana-wordalign-acl2013.pdf|A Lightweight and High Performance Monolingual Word Aligner]], Proceedings of ACL, 2013. [[courses:​rg:​2013:​jacana-align|Questions]]| 
-^ Nov 18 | Shadi Saleh |Bhagwani, Sumit and Satapathy, Shrutiranjan and Karnick, Harish:​[[http://​aclweb.org/​anthology/​S/​S12/​S12-1085.pdf| Semantic textual similarity using maximal weighted bipartite graph matching]]|| 
-^ Nov 25 | Matous Machacek | Satanjeev Banerjee , Alon Lavie [[http://​www.aclweb.org/​anthology/​W05-0909|METEOR:​ An Automatic Metric for MT Evaluation with 
-Improved Correlation with Human Judgments]] | 
-^ Dec  2 | Petr Jankovský | Petrovic, Mathews: [[http://​homepages.inf.ed.ac.uk/​s0894589/​petrovic13unsupervised.pdf | Unsupervised joke generation from big data ]] <​html><​font color="​red">​there will be a double Monday seminar in S1 before RG, I hope we will start not much later than at 16:​00</​font></​html>​ | 
-^ Dec  9 |             ​| ​  | 
-^ Dec 16 |             ​| ​  | 
-^ Jan  6 |             ​| ​  | 

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