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Download DZ Interset

Before downloading, please make sure you understand the License. The Version History may help you identify changes since your last download. If you use DZ Interset in your research, check References on how to cite it.

Please consider registering

DZ Interset is result of my research and my research is funded by public money. Of course I have to report to the funding agencies and I want to be able to demonstrate that other people use my software. So registering is not mandatory but I ask you to do it anyway.

Do not worry, I will not give away your e-mail, neither to the funding agencies, nor to anyone else. I do not even need your e-mail address (but I am ready to take it in case you wish to be informed about major future changes to DZ Interset).

Registration form is currently (20 Feb 2009) under construction

Institution:(if you anticipate using DZ Interset in your research or student project, indicate your university / research institute; if you are going to use it professionally but out of academia, indicate your company; if you want to use it privately, leave the field empty)
E-mail:(only if you wish to be informed about DZ Interset)

The latest release, packed using zip, is available here.

The DZ Interset project uses the Trac web interface for project management. It provides access (via Browse Source) to the subversion repository of various revisions of the code. The structure is more fine-grained (not all revisions constitute new releases) and diffs between revisions are available. The Trac server requires authentication, so anonymous read-only access is currently not available. For authorized users, the entry point is here.

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