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MapReduce Tutorial : Preparing the environment

To use the Hadoop Java API, you must be able to compile the Java sources with the Hadoop library. An easy way is to use a prepared Makefile:

  1. Create a directory for the Java sources.
  2. Create a Makefile containing
    include /net/projects/hadoop/java/Makefile


When typing make, every Java file is compiled (with the Hadoop library and some extra classes) to a jar file. It is of course possible to compile just selected sources using:

make ClassName1.jar ClassName2.jar


make -f /net/projects/hadoop/java/Makefile ClassName1.jar

Command make clean remove for every Java file its jar file and subdirectory with compiled classes.


Create a directory and a Makefile as described and download CompileTest.java. Try compiling it using make.

Using VIM

If you like using VIM, there is a special configuration available for editing Hadoop java files. Just execute


instead of vim.

This configuration of VIM has following features:

Overview Step 22: Optional – Setting Eclipse.

The make command can be customized by :set mp=“make file.jar”

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