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MapReduce Tutorial : Basic mapper

The simplest Hadoop job consists of a mapper only. The input data is divided in several parts, every processed by an independent mapper, and the results are collected in one directory, one file per mapper.

The Hadoop framework silently handles failures. If a mapper task fails, another is executed and the input of the failed attempt is discarded.

Example Perl mapper

package My::Mapper;
use Moose;
with 'Hadoop::Mapper';
sub map {
  my ($self, $key, $value, $context) = @_;
  $context->write($key, $value);
package main;
use Hadoop::Runner;
my $runner = Hadoop::Runner->new(
  mapper => My::Mapper->new(),
  input_format => 'TextInputFormat',
  output_format => 'TextOutputFormat',
  output_compression => 0);
$runner->run();  # Parse arguments in @ARGV and run the Hadoop job.

The values input_format, output_format and output_compression could be left out, because they are all set to their default value.

Resulting script can be executed locally in a single thread using

perl script.pl input output_directory

Input can be either file or a directory – in that case, all files in this directory are processes. The output_directory must not exist.

Standard input and output

Standard input and standard output of the Perl script are used to communicate with the Hadoop framework. Therefore you should use standard error output if you want to print some debugging output using print STDERR “Message”.


To check that your Hadoop environment works, try running a MR job on /home/straka/wiki/cs-text-medium, which outputs only articles with names beginning with an A (ignoring the case). You can download the template step-3-exercise.pl and execute it.

wget --no-check-certificate 'https://wiki.ufal.ms.mff.cuni.cz/_media/courses:mapreduce-tutorial:step-3-exercise.txt' -O 'step-3-exercise.pl'
# $EDITOR step-3-exercise.pl
rm -rf step-3-out-ex; perl step-3-exercise.pl /home/straka/wiki/cs-text-medium/ step-3-out-ex
less step-3-out-ex/part-*


You can also download the solution step-3-solution.pl and check the correct output.

wget --no-check-certificate 'https://wiki.ufal.ms.mff.cuni.cz/_media/courses:mapreduce-tutorial:step-3-solution.txt' -O 'step-3-solution.pl'
# $EDITOR step-3-solution.pl
rm -rf step-3-out-sol; perl step-3-solution.pl /home/straka/wiki/cs-text-medium/ step-3-out-sol
less step-3-out-sol/part-*

Step 2: Input and output format, testing data. Overview Step 4: Counters.

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