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PFL080 Haskell and Domain-Specific Languages

Česká verze

Lecturer Otakar Smrž, Ph.D.
Extent 2/1 C+Ex
Validity from WT 2007


Follow this link for the updated information on this course.


Haskell is a purely functional programming language. Its study invites to exploring the connections between various areas of computer science, logic, and linguistics. Haskell is also a modern means for describing the solutions of general problems in a precise, yet concise and comrehensible way.

The lecture will be devoted to the characteristic features of the language, and we will meet them applied in the context of domain-specific languages. In the seminar, students will discuss their understanding of selected research papers.



  1. Elementary functions and data types
  2. Computational model and lambda calculus
  3. Recursion, abstraction, higher-order functions
  4. Polymorphic types versus type classes
  5. Monads and their use
  6. Parsing and pretty-printing
  7. Domain-specific languages
  8. Related theoretical issues
  9. Useful tools for the programmer

Advanced Programming by Benjamin C. Pierce – free inspiration for this course

Advanced Functional Programming at Saarbrücken

"Impressive Haskell" by Otakar Smrž

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