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Table of Contents

From Human to Automatic Error Classification for Machine Translation Output

by Maja Popovic and Aljoscha Burchardt (German Research Center for Artifficial Intelligence - Language Technology Group, Berlin)

talk by Petra Galuščáková
report by Jindřich Libovický


A method for classification and evaluation of errors in MT is introduced in this paper. Petra presented it on Monday, 12th December 2011.

Outline of the paper

  1. Introduction
    • discussed what kind of evaluation developers to have a relevant feedback
    • references to an article by Villar et al. about a scheme for human evaluation of SMT
  2. Error classification
    • Nečíslovaný seznam
  3. Experimental results
    • human and automatic error classification was done
    • high correlation between the human and automatic classification reported
    • some problems beyond the scope of the algorithm
  4. Conclusion



The paper was well presented and despite it belongs to the easier ones in this semester, it brought some interesting ideas, mostly for those who (like me) didn't think about this problem much before.

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