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Statistical Post-Editing for a Statistical MT System

Hanna Béchara, Yanjun Ma, Josef van Genabith
MT Summit 2011

Presented by Rudolf Rosa
Report by Jindřich Helcl


This article was about statistical post-editing on results of a statistical machine translation system. The most interesting part on this article was that authors claim that they achieved improvement of about 2 BLEU score points by pipelining two statistical MT systems, which was until then considered useless.

The paper frequently quotes another article from Simard et al. (2007), which has been also briefly presented in the beginning of the presentation and which you can read online here.


A brief outline of the paper follows. In introduction, previous work has been briefly presented, it was stated that any results of this method were either none or not statistically significant.

    With the last enhancement, they achieve improvement of 2 BLEU points in French-English translation.


Following topics about the article were discussed on RG meeting:

Method #1 should be more accurate, but it seems the authors used method #2.


Despite the structure of the paper was often critisized and possible flaws was found, the article was considered to be well-readable and simple enough to be the opening article for this semester's reading group.

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