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Unsupervised joke generation from big data

Saša Petrović and David Matthews

  1. What do you think about the fact that according to the raters only 33% of human-generated jokes are funny?
  2. Model 1 seems to be better than Model 2 according to Table 1, but worse according to Table 2. Why?
  3. Table 3 seems to be funnier than Table 2 according to Model 1, but less table-like according to Holm-Bonferroni. Why not?
  4. Come up with an English or Czech joke of the type “I like…” that has at least one of the four factors Φ very low, but is still funny.
    • You can write more jokes (one for each factor) and we can vote which are the best at RG.
  5. Which of the questions for this RG (including this one) is the trickiest one?

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