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Semantic Parsing Freebase: Towards Open-domain Semantic Parsing

1. What does CCG stand for?

2. (Optional task) Using the following CCG grammar rules and lexicons, try to parse and represent the following sentence:

Sentence for parsing: “Pennsylvania neighbors New York.”

New York ˫ NP : new _york
Pennsylvania ˫ NP : pennsylvania
neighbors ˫ S\NP/NP : λ x λy.neighbors(x, y)
X/Y : f Y : g =⇒ X : f(g)
Y : g X\Y : f =⇒ X : f(g)

3. What is the function of “relation-count” attribute in Sentence Retrieval Engine algorithm and how does it manage to do that function?

4. What are the two criteria for Assessor algorithm in assessing sentences?

5. What are feasible and infeasible questions? Explain how infeasible questions affect the performance of FreeParser.

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