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Reading Group

Official name of this course is NPFL095 Modern Methods in Computational Linguistics. It is a continuation of informal Reading Group (RG) meetings. Requirements for getting credits:

All questions, reports and presented papers must be in English. The presentations are in English by default, but if all present people agree it may be in Czech.

Contact popel@ufal.mff.cuni.cz
Mailing list rg@ufal.mff.cuni.cz
List Archive http://ufal.mff.cuni.cz/mailman/listinfo/rg
Meetings Mondays 16:00, room S1
Past meetings courses:rg:past
Inspiration courses:rg:wishlist

Spring&Summer 2013

date speaker paper
Feb 18 startup meeting
Feb 25 Martin Popel Mark Johnson: A brief introduction to kernel classifiers, 2009. You can also read a chapter from cimpl.info
Mar 4 Ondřej Dušek Michael Collins, Nigel Duffy: Convolution kernels for natural language, NIPS 2001. Questions and Answers
Mar 11 Ondřej Košarko Aron Culotta, Jeffrey Sorensen: Dependency Tree Kernels for Relation Extraction, ACL 2004. Questions
Mar 18 Jindřich Helcl Michael Collins: Discriminative Training Methods for Hidden Markov Models: Theory and Experiments with Perceptron Algorithms, EMNLP 2002. Questions
Mar 25 Sara van de Moosdijk Andrew McCallum, Dayne Freitag, Fernando Pereira: Maximum Entropy Markov Models for Information Extraction and Segmentation, Conference on Machine Learning 2000, slides Questions
Apr 1 no RG, Easter (and April Fool's Day)
Apr 8 Vincent Kríž John Lafferty, Andrew McCallum, Fernando Pereira: Conditional Random Fields: Probabilistic Models for Segmenting and Labeling Sequence Data, 2001
Apr 15 Ondřej Fiala Ashish Venugopal, Jakob Uszkoreit, David Talbot, Franz J. Och, Juri Ganitkevitch: Watermarking the Outputs of Structured Prediction with an application in Statistical Machine Translation, 2011
Apr 22 Matěj Korvas Yansong Feng, Mirella Lapata: Topic Models for Image Annotation and Text Illustration
Apr 29 Karel Bílek
May 6 Jan Mašek Kojima, Tamura: Natural Language Description of Human Activities from Video Images Based on Concept Hierarchy of Actions
May 13 Matouš Macháček
May 20 Petr Jankovský Farhadi, Hejrati, Sadeghi, Young: Every Picture Tells a Story: Generating Sentences from Images     /last RG/

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