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Past RG sessions

(For the current semester see the main RG page)

Spring&Summer 2016

date speaker paper
Feb 22 Martin Popel W Ammar, G Mulcaire, M Ballesteros, C Dyer, NA Smith: One Parser, Many Languages 2016
Feb 29 cont.
Mar 7 Jindřich Libovický Marc'Aurelio Ranzato, Sumit Chopra, Michael Auli, Wojciech Zaremba: Sequence Level Training with Recurrent Neural Networks, 2016
Mar 14 Jindřich Libovický cont.
May 21 Jindřich Helcl Debanjan Ghosh, Weiwei Guo, Smaranda Muresan: Sarcastic or Not: Word Embeddings to Predict the Literal or Sarcastic Meaning of Words EMNLP 2015
Mar 28 no RG Easter Monday
Apr 4 Milan Straka Stack LSTM http://arxiv.org/abs/1505.08075
Apr 11 Milan Straka Multi-Task Cross-Lingual Sequence Tagging from Scratch and eventually also Network Architectures for NER
Apr 18 Rudolf Rosa Rico Sennrich, Barry Haddow, Alexandra Birch: Neural Machine Translation of Rare Words with Subword Units, 2016
Apr 25 Tom Kocmi Jiwei Li, Michel Galley, Chris Brockett, Jianfeng Gao, Bill Dolan: A Persona-Based Neural Conversation Model, 2016
May 2 Pasky Petr Baudiš, Jan Šedivý: Sentence Pair Scoring: Towards Unified Framework for Text Comprehension, 2016
May 9 Martin Popel Zhaopeng Tu, Zhengdong Lu, Yang Liu, Xiaohua Liu, Hang Li: Modeling Coverage for Neural Machine Translation, 2016
May 16 Shadi Saleh Guido Zuccon et al. Integrating and evaluating neural word embeddings in information retrieval, 2015
May 23 special last RG travelling to LREC

Autumn&Winter 2015/2016

date speaker paper
Oct 5 startup meeting
Oct 12 Lukáš, Milan Programming hackaton, based on The Modern Algorithmic Toolbox, read in advance lecture 1 and 2
Oct 19 Martin Mark Johnson: A brief introduction to kernel classifiers, 2009. You can also read a chapter from ciml.info. Questions
Oct 26 Lukáš, Milan hands-on tutorial on using some neural network toolkit
Nov 2 Adéla Michael Collins: Discriminative Training Methods for Hidden Markov Models: Theory and Experiments with Perceptron Algorithms, EMNLP 2002. Questions
Nov 9 no RG, dean's day
Nov 16 cont. from last RG
Nov 23 Milan, Lukáš NN hackaton
Nov 30 Aneta Andrew McCallum, Dayne Freitag, Fernando Pereira: Maximum Entropy Markov Models for Information Extraction and Segmentation, Conference on Machine Learning 2000, slides Questions
Dec 7 Adéla Charles J. Fillmore: Border Conflicts: FrameNet Meets Construction Grammar, 2008
Dec 14 Aneta Tomas Mikolov, Kai Chen, Greg Corrado, Jeffrey Dean: Efficient Estimation of Word Representations in Vector Space, ICLR 2013

Autumn&Winter 2014/2015

date speaker paper
Oct 6 startup meeting
Oct 13 Jindřich Libovický Peter F. Brown et all.: Class-Based n-gram Models of Natural Language, Computational Linguistics, 1992. See also notes about the mkcls implementation
Oct 20 Tomáš Kraut Michael Collins: Discriminative Training Methods for Hidden Markov Models: Theory and Experiments with Perceptron Algorithms, EMNLP 2002. Questions
Oct 27 Roman Sudarikov Andrew McCallum, Dayne Freitag, Fernando Pereira: Maximum Entropy Markov Models for Information Extraction and Segmentation, Conference on Machine Learning 2000, slides Question
Nov 3 Dušan Variš John Lafferty, Andrew McCallum, Fernando Pereira: Conditional Random Fields: Probabilistic Models for Segmenting and Labeling Sequence Data, 2001. Questions
Nov 10 Duc Tam Hoang Joseph Turian, Lev Ratinov, Yoshua Bengio: Word representations: A simple and general method for semi-supervised learning, ACL 2010. Questions
Nov 17 no RG (Struggle for Freedom and Democracy Day)
Nov 24 Vendula Michlíková Kishore Papineni, Salim Roukos, Todd Ward, and Wei-Jing Zhu: BLEU: a Method for Automatic Evaluation of Machine Translation, ACL 2002. Questions
Dec 1 Richard Ejem Marco Pennacchiotti, Patrick Pantel: Entity Extraction via Ensemble Semantics, ACL 2009. Questions
Dec 8 Nguyen Tien Dat Elia Bruni,… and Marco Baroni: Distributional semantics from text and images, EMNLP 2011 : Distributional Semantics in Technicolor, ACL 2012 Questions
Dec 15 Ahmad Aghaebrahimian Qingqing Cai, Alexander Yates: Semantic Parsing Freebase: Towards Open-domain Semantic Parsing SEM,2013 Questions
Jan 5 Michal Auersperger Mark Johnson: A brief introduction to kernel classifiers, 2009. You can also read a chapter from ciml.info. Questions

Spring&Summer 2014

date speaker paper
Feb 24 startup meeting, John Langford: All Models of Learning have Flaws, 2007
Mar 3 Vincent RExtractor – A Framework for Extracting Relations from Texts, 2014
Mar 10 Rudolf MLFix
Mar 17 Petra paraphrases
Mar 23 Martin Treex
Mar 31 Ivana Sun, Grishman, Sekine: Semi-supervised Relation Extraction with Large-scale Word Clustering, ACL 2011
Apr 7 Loganathan McDonald, Petrov, Hall: Multi-source Transfer of Delexicalized Dependency Parsers, EMNLP 2011
Apr 14 Vincent Keith Hall: k-best Spanning Tree Parsing, ACL 2007
Apr 21 no RG Easter
Apr 28 Rudolf Goldberg, Elhadad: An Efficient Algorithm for Easy-First Non-Directional Dependency Parsing, NAACL 2010
May 5 Petra Goldberg, Orwant: A Dataset of Syntactic-Ngrams over Time from a Very Large Corpus of English Books, 2013
May 12 Ivana short paper for LAW VIII
May 19 Ruda, Petra dry-run presentations for LREC

Autumn&Winter 2013/2014

date speaker paper
Oct 7 startup meeting
Oct 14 Martin Popel Joseph P. Simmons, Leif D. Nelson, Uri Simonsohn: False-Positive Psychology: Undisclosed Flexibility in Data Collection and Analysis Allows Presenting Anything as Significant, Psychological Science, 2011. Questions
Oct 21 Rudolf Rosa Marie-Catherine de Marneffe, Christopher D. Manning: The Stanford typed dependencies representation, Coling 2008. Questions and Answers
Oct 28 no RG, Independent Czechoslovak State Day
Nov 4 Jan Mašek Slav Petrov, Dipanjan Das, Ryan McDonald: A Universal Part-of-Speech Tagset and McDonald et al.: Universal Multilingual Annotation for Dependency Parsing Questions
Nov 11 Ondřej Fiala Xuchen Yao, Benjamin Van Durme, Chris Callison-Burch, Peter Clark: A Lightweight and High Performance Monolingual Word Aligner, Proceedings of ACL, 2013. Questions
Nov 18 Shadi Saleh Bhagwani, Sumit and Satapathy, Shrutiranjan and Karnick, Harish: Semantic textual similarity using maximal weighted bipartite graph matching Questions
Nov 25 Matous Machacek Satanjeev Banerjee , Alon Lavie METEOR: An Automatic Metric for MT Evaluation with Improved Correlation with Human Judgments Questions
Dec 2 Petr Jankovský Petrovic, Mathews: Unsupervised joke generation from big data Questions
there will be a double Monday seminar in S1 before RG, I hope we will start not much later than at 16:00
Dec 9 Anna Vernerová T. Berg-Kirkpatrick, D. Burkett, D. Klein: An Empirical Investigation of Statistical Significance in NLP Questions
Dec 16 Petra Barančíková Bill Dolan, Chris Quirk, and Chris Brockett: Unsupervised Construction of Large Paraphrase Corpora: Exploiting Massively Parallel News Sources Questions
Jan 6 last RG, scientific discussion

Spring&Summer 2013

date speaker paper
Feb 18 startup meeting
Feb 25 Martin Popel Mark Johnson: A brief introduction to kernel classifiers, 2009. You can also read a chapter from cimpl.info
Mar 4 Ondřej Dušek Michael Collins, Nigel Duffy: Convolution kernels for natural language, NIPS 2001. Questions and Answers
Mar 11 Ondřej Košarko Aron Culotta, Jeffrey Sorensen: Dependency Tree Kernels for Relation Extraction, ACL 2004. Questions
Mar 18 Jindřich Helcl Michael Collins: Discriminative Training Methods for Hidden Markov Models: Theory and Experiments with Perceptron Algorithms, EMNLP 2002. Questions
Mar 25 Sara van de Moosdijk Andrew McCallum, Dayne Freitag, Fernando Pereira: Maximum Entropy Markov Models for Information Extraction and Segmentation, Conference on Machine Learning 2000, slides Questions
Apr 1 no RG, Easter (and April Fool's Day)
Apr 8 Vincent Kríž John Lafferty, Andrew McCallum, Fernando Pereira: Conditional Random Fields: Probabilistic Models for Segmenting and Labeling Sequence Data, 2001 Questions
Apr 15 Ondřej Fiala Ashish Venugopal, Jakob Uszkoreit, David Talbot, Franz J. Och, Juri Ganitkevitch: Watermarking the Outputs of Structured Prediction with an application in Statistical Machine Translation, 2011 This time, we'll meet in the corridor instead of S1. Questions
Apr 22 Matěj Korvas Yansong Feng, Mirella Lapata: Topic Models for Image Annotation and Text Illustration Questions
Apr 29 Petr Mácha Rohrbach, Regneri et al.: Script Data for Attribute-based Recognition of Composite ActivitiesQuestions
May 6 Jan Mašek Kojima, Tamura: Natural Language Description of Human Activities from Video Images Based on Concept Hierarchy of Actions Questions
May 13 Matouš Macháček Nicolas Stroppa, Karolina Owczarzak, Andy Way: A Cluster-Based Representation for Multi-System MT Evaluation, 2007.
May 20 Ondřej Fiala A. Pak, P. Paroubek: Twitter as a Corpus for Sentiment Analysis and Opinion Mining

Autumn&Winter 2012/2013

date speaker paper
Oct 1 startup meeting
Oct 8 Rudolf Rosa Hanna Béchara, Yanjun Ma, Josef van Genabith: Statistical Post-Editing for a Statistical MT System, MT Summit 2011, report by Jindra Helcl
Oct 15 Ales Tamchyna Ferhan Ture, Douglas W. Oard and Philip Resnik: Encouraging Consistent Translation Choices , NAACL 2012, report by Ondřej Dušek, report by Bushra Jawaid
Oct 22 Jindra Helcl Zhongqiang Huang, Martin Cmejrek, Bowen Zhou: Soft Syntactic Constraints for Hierarchical Phrase-based Translation Using Latent Syntactic Distributions, EMNLP 2010: 138-147, report by Petr Jankovský
Oct 29 Matěj Korvas Percy Liang, Ben Taskar, Dan Klein: Alignment by Agreement, HLT-NAACL '06, report by Aleš Tamchyna
Nov 5 Petr Jankovský Chi-kiu Lo and Dekai Wu: MEANT: An inexpensive, high-accuracy, semi-automatic metric for evaluating translation utility via semantic frames (ACL 2011), report by Rudolf Rosa
Nov 12 Matous Machacek Philipp Koehn: Statistical significance tests for machine translation evaluation, EMNLP 2004, report by Aleš Tamchyna report by Lukáš Žilka
Nov 19 Karel Bílek Stefan Riezler and John T. Maxwell III: On Some Pitfalls in Automatic Evaluation and Significance Testing for MT, MTSE 2005, report by Matěj Korvas
Nov 26 Ondřej Dušek François Mairesse, Milica Gašić, Filip Jurčíček, Simon Keizer, Blaise Thomson, Kai Yu and Steve Young: Phrase-based Statistical Language Generation using Graphical Models and Active Learning, ACL 2010, report by Honza Václ
Dec 3 Honza Václ Mohit Bansal, Dan Klein: Coreference Semantics from Web Features, ACL 2012
Dec 10 Lukas Zilka Ryan McDonald, Keith Hall, Gideon Mann: Distributed Training Strategies for the Structured Perceptron, NAACL 2010, report by Matous Machacek
Dec 17 Josef Čech M. Lopatková, T.Holan : Segmentation Charts for Czech – Relations among Segments in Complex Sentences, LATA 2009, report by Karel Bílek
Jan 7 last RG selected problems of reading group:-)

Spring&Summer 2012

date speaker paper
Feb 27 Martin Popel Kevin Knight, Beáta Megyesi and Christiane Schaefer: The Copiale Cipher, BUCC 2011
Mar 5 Ales Tamchyna Arne Mauser, Saša Hasan and Hermann Ney: Extending Statistical Machine Translation with Discriminative and Trigger-Based Lexicon Models. EMNLP 2009.
Mar 12 Joachim Daiber Adam Pauls and Dan Klein: Faster and Smaller N-Gram Language Models, ACL 2011. report by Long DT
Mar 19 Rudolf Rosa Wenliang Chen, Jun’ichi Kazama, Min Zhang, Yoshimasa Tsuruoka, Yujie Zhang, Yiou Wang, Kentaro Torisawa and Haizhou Li: SMT Helps Bitext Dependency Parsing, EMNLP 2011
Mar 26 Long DT Jakob Uszkoreit, Thorsten Brants: Distributed Word Clustering for Large Scale Class-Based Language Modeling in Machine Translation, ACL 2008. report by J. Daiber
Apr 2 Petra Galuščáková Rion Snow, Daniel Jurafsky and Andrew Y. Ng: Semantic Taxonomy Induction from Heterogenous Evidence, ACL 2006 report by Ales Tamchyna
Apr 16 Bushra Jawaid Joern Wuebker, Arne Mauser and Hermann Ney: Training Phrase Translation Models with Leaving-One-Out, ACL 2010. report by R. rosa
Apr 23 Amir Kamran Kristina Toutanova, Hisami Suzuki, and Achim Ruopp: Applying Morphology Generation Models to Machine Translation, ACL 2008. report by M. Popel
May 7 Martin Popel Hal Daumé III, John Langford and Daniel Marcu: Searn in Practice, 2006. See http://searn.hal3.name for the SimpleSearn.tgz implementation. report by Petra Galuščáková
May 14 Martin Majlis The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Data

Autumn&Winter 2011/2012

date speaker paper
Oct 3 startup meeting
Oct 10 discussion about Joakim Nivre's talk If you haven't heard about transition-based parsing (MALT parser) read e.g. one of Nivre's presentations
Oct 17 Martin Popel Stephen Tratz, Eduard Hovy: A Fast, Accurate, Non-Projective, Semantically-Enriched Parser, EMNLP 2011, report by Michal Novák
Oct 24 Martin Majliš Valentin Spitkovsky, Hiyan Alshawi, Daniel Jurafsky: From Baby Steps to Leapfrog: How “Less is More” in Unsupervised Dependency Parsing, HLT/NAACL 2010, MM notes, report Oldřich Krůza
Oct 31 Michal Novák Dipanjan Das, Slav Petrov: Unsupervised Part-of-Speech Tagging with Bilingual Graph-Based Projections, ACL 2011, report by Marie Konárová
Nov 7 Oldřich Krůza Oldřich Krůza and Vladislav Kuboň: Automatic Extraction of Clause Relationships from a Treebank, CICLing 2009, report by Petr Jankovský
Nov 14 Marie Konárová Majid Yazdani and Andrei Popescu-Belis: Using a Wikipedia-based Semantic Relatedness Measure for Document Clustering, TextGraphs Workshop 2011, report by Martin Majliš
Nov 21 Petr Jankovský Kishore Papineni, Salim Roukos, Todd Ward, and Wei-Jing Zhu: BLEU: a Method for Automatic Evaluation of Machine Translation, ACL 2002, report by Petra Galuščáková
Nov 28 Jindřich Libovický Philipp Koehn, Jean Senellart: Convergence of Translation Memory and Statistical Machine Translation, AMTA 2010
Dec 5 Tomáš Kraut Sujith Ravi and Kevin Knight: Deciphering Foreign Language, ACL 2011, report by Ke Tran
Dec 12 Petra Galuščáková Maja Popović, Aljoscha Burchardt: From Human to Automatic Error Classification for Machine Translation Output, EAMT 2011, report by Jindřich Libovický
Dec 19 no RG there is no RG this week (because of UFAL Xmas seminar)
Jan 9 Ke Tran Yoong Keok Lee, Aria Haghighi and Regina Barzilay: Modeling Syntactic Context Improves Morphological Segmentation, CONLL 2011

Spring&Summer 2011

date speaker paper
May 23 Nathan Green McClosky, Charniak, and Johnson: Automatic Domain Adaptation for Parsing. NAACL 2010 comments by Katerina Topilova comments by Loganathan
May 16 Zdeněk Žabokrtský Federico Sangati, Willem Zuidema: Unsupervised methods for head assignments. EACL 2009 comments by Eda Bejček and Lasha Abzianidze
May 9 Ximena Gutiérrez Jason R. Smith Chris Quirk and Kristina Toutanova: Extracting Parallel Sentences from Comparable Corpora using Document Level Alignment comments by Angelina Ivanova
May 2 Lasha Abzianidze Bill MacCartney, Christopher D. Manning (2007): Natural Logic for Textual Inference comments by Ximena Gutiérrez
Apr 25 no RG - Easter
Apr 18 Nathan Green Slav Petrov, Pi-Chuan Chang, Michael Ringgaard, Hiyan Alshawi (2010): Uptraining for Accurate Deterministic Question Parsing
Apr 11 Kateřina Topilová McDonald et al. (2005): Non-Projective Dependency Parsing using Spanning Tree Algorithms comments by Lasha Abzianidze
Apr 4 Loganathan Ramasamy Jason Naradowsky and Sharon Goldwater. Proceedings of IJCAI, 2009. Improving morphology induction by learning spelling rules. comments by Eda Bejček
Mar 28 Angelina Ivanovna Gerard de Melo, Gerhard Weikum (2010): Untangling the Cross-Lingual Link Structure of Wikipedia comments by Nathan Green and Lasha Abzianidze
Mar 21 no RG - Lindat kick-off meeting
Mar 14 Eda Bejček Dennis Reidsma, Jean Carletta (2008): Reliability Measurement without Limitscomments by Nathan Green
Mar 7 Martin Popel Reliability measures (no paper to read for this meeting)
Feb 28 startup meeting

Autumn&Winter 2010/2011

date speaker paper
Jan 10 Last meeting of this semester - credits for NPFL095
Jan 3 Radoslav Klíč Richard Wicentowski (2004): Multilingual Noise-Robust Supervised Morphological Analysis using the WordFrame Model comments by Martin Kirschner , Comments by Loganathan
Dec 20 Lasha Abzianidze Philippe de Groote: Towards a Montagovian account of dynamics, 2008. Intro Slides, Main Slides comments by Srdjan Prodanovic
Dec 13 Srdjan Prodanovic Tom M. Mitchell, Svetlana V. Shinkareva, Andrew Carlson, Kai-Min Chang, Vicente L. Malave, Robert A. Mason, Marcel Adam Just Predicting Human Brain Activity Associated with the Meanings of Nouns PDF PPT presentation slides , 2008 comments by Michal Novák
Dec 6 Karel Vandas Nicola Ueffing, Gholamreza Haffari and Anoop Sarkar: Transductive learning for statistical machine translation, ACL 2007 comments by Bushra Jawaid
Nov 29 Bushra Jawaid Steve DeNeefe, Ulf Hermjakob and Kevin Knight: Overcoming Vocabulary Sparsity in MT using Lattices , AMTA 2008, comments by Angelina Ivanova
Nov 22 Angelina Ivanova Gosse Bouma: Cross-lingual Ontology Alignment using EuroWordNet and Wikipedia, LREC 2010, comments by Lasha Abzianidze
Nov 15 Septina Larasati Linda Wiechetek, Francis M. Tyers, and Thomas Omma: Shooting at Flies in the Dark: Rule-Based Lexical Selection for a Minority Language Pair, IceTAL 2010, comments by Radoslav Klíč
Nov 8 Michal Novák Aria Haghighi and Dan Klein: Coreference Resolution in a Modular, Entity-Centered Model, HLT 2010, comments
Nov 1 Martin Kirschner Matteo Negri and Milen Kouylekov: A WordNet-based system for multi-way classification of semantic relations comments by Septina Larasati
Oct 25 Loganathan Ramasamy Kuzman Ganchev, Jennifer Gillenwater and Ben Taskar: Dependency Grammar Induction via Bitext Projection Constraints, ACL 2009, comments by David Mareček
Oct 18 Martin Popel Kevin Duh et al.: N-Best Reranking by Multitask Learning, ACL WMT 2010, comments by Karel Vandas
Oct 11 Eda Bejček Matthew Gerber and Joyce Y. Chai: Beyond NomBank: A Study of Implicit Arguments for Nominal Predicates, ACL 2010, comments by Martin Popel
Oct 4 startup meeting

Spring&Summer 2010

date speaker paper
May 24 Ondřej Bojar Kevin Gimpel and Noah A. Smith: Cube Summing, Approximate Inference with Non-Local Features, and Dynamic Programming without Semirings. In Proceedings of EACL, Athens, Greece, March/April 2009 slides
May 10 Martin Popel Ronald Rosenfeld: A Maximum Entropy Approach to Adaptive Statistical Language Modeling (cont.) Martinovy poznámky
May 3 Elizabeth Shriberg Automatic speaker recognition, feature selection, linear interpolation and its connotations, demography and stock market
Apr 26 Martin Popel Ronald Rosenfeld: A Maximum Entropy Approach to Adaptive Statistical Language Modeling
Apr 12 David Mareček Jens Nillson, Joakim Nivre, Johan Hall: Graph Transformations in Data-Driven Dependency Parsing
Mar 29 Martin Popel Jeff Bilmes and Katrin Kirchhoff: Factored Language Models and Generalized Parallel Backoff (plus tutorial)
Mar 22 Zdeněk Žabokrtský Deniz Yuret and Mehmet Ali Yatbaz: The Noisy Channel Model for Unsupervised Word Sense Disambiguation, Computational Linguistics 2010
Mar 15 Ondřej Bojar Philipp Koehn and Barry Haddow: Interactive Assistance to Human Translators using Statistical Machine Translation Methods, MT Summit XII, 2009.
Mar 8 startup meeting

Autumn&Winter 2009/2010

date speaker paper přečíst?
Dec 14 Martin Popel Wei Lu, Hwee Tou Ng, Wee Sun Lee: Natural Language Generation with Tree Conditional Random Fields
Dec 7 David Mareček Nivre, J.: Non-Projective Dependency Parsing in Expected Linear Time. ACL 2009
Nov 23, Nov 30 Jana Straková John Lafferty, Andrew McCallum and Fernando Pereira: Conditional Random Fields: Probabilistic Models for Segmenting and Labeling Sequence Data,
Hanna M. Wallach. Conditional Random Fields: An Introduction
Nov 9 Zdeněk Žabokrtský Eugene Charniak and Micha Elsner: EM Works for Pronoun Anaphora Resolution. EACL 2009
Oct 26, Nov 2 Ondřej Bojar Kevin Knight: Bayesian Inference with Tears. September 2009.
článek byl delší, ale čtivý a přesně takové jsou i Ondrovy poznámky k němu
Ano, i s úkoly
Oct 19 Eda Bejček Josh Schroeder, Trevor Cohn, and Philipp Koehn: Word Lattices for Multi-Source Translation. EACL 2009
přehledné rozdělení metod; dobře, že udělali tolik experimentů, škoda některých nepodložených interpretací; potřebná znalost Mojžíše; omezili množství trénovacích dat – chybí test, zda více dat není účinnější než více jazyků; klesá skutečně MAX s množstvím jazyků? (to je divné, neměly by se tedy vážit výsledky jednotlivých systémů (viz věta s “little benefit”, 2.1)? A nebo není příčinou spíš než přidání šestého jazyka přidání špatného jazyka (Table 6)? Jak by dopadly testy po dvojicích?); v závěru 2.3 vynechávají reordering s odkazem na diversitu zdrojových jazyků – to nemusí platit
Oct 15 Pavel Pecina Daniel David Walker, Eric K. Ringger: Model-based document clustering with a collapsed gibbs sampler, Fotky tabule
Oct 12 Pavel Schlesinger Gibbsův sampling (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gibbs_sampling)

Spring&Summer 2009

Autumn&Winter 2008/2009

date speaker paper
Mon Jan 5 Martin Popel Thorsten Brants, Ashok C. Popat, Peng Xu, Franz J. Och, Jeffrey Dean: Large Language Models in Machine Translation, 2007
Mon Dec 1 Jan Ptáček Improving Statistical MT through Morphological Analysis
Mon Nov 24 Pavel Češka A TAG-based noisy channel model of speech repairs
Wed Nov 19 Ondřej Bojar Forest Reranking: Discriminative Parsing with Non-Local Features by Liang Huang (see Google Tech Talks), Forest-Based Translation by Haitao Mi and Liang Huang and Qun Liu
Mon Nov 10 Zdeněk Žabokrtský Katja Filippova and Michael Strube: Sentence Fusion via Dependency Graph Compression, 2008
Mon Nov 3 Jiří Mírovský Alexander E. Richman and Patrick Schone: Mining Wiki Resources for Multilingual Named Entity Recognition, ACL, Columbus, 2008.
Wed Oct 20 Jan Raab Libin Shen, Giorgio Satta, and Aravind K. Joshi: Guided Learning for Bidirectional Sequence Classification, ACL, Prague, 2007.

Spring&Summer 2008

date speaker paper
Mar 17 Pavel Schlesinger Aria Haghighi and Dan Klein: Unsupervised Coreference Resolution in a Nonparametric Bayesian Model, ACL, Prague, 2007.
Mar 31 Pavel Schlesinger Unsupervised Coreference Resolution in a Nonparametric Bayesian Model, 2nd part :-)
Apr 28 Pavel Straňák Diana McCarthy, Rob Koeling, Julie Weeds and John Carroll: Unsupervised Acquisition of Predominant Word Senses in Computational Linguistics 33 (4), 2007

Autumn&Winter 2007/2008

Nov 26 Markéta Lopatková Friedrich Otto: Restarting Automata (Notes for a Course), Technical Report, Universitat kassel, 2004.
Nov 19 Dan Zeman Anil Kumar Singh (अनिल कुमार सिंह), Jagadeesh Gorla: Identification of Languages and Encodings in a Multilingual Document Identification of Languages and Encodings in a Multilingual Document. In: Proceedings of the 3rd ACL SIGWAC Workshop on Web as Corpus, pp. 95-108. Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium, 2007.
Nov 12 Otakar Smrž M. Nowak, N. Komarova, P. Niyogi. Computational and Evolutionary Aspects of Language. Nature, Vol. 417, pp. 611-617, 2002.
Nov 5 Jan Ptáček Philipp Koehn; Hieu Hoang: Factored Translation Models, EMNLP & CoNLL, Prague, 2007.
Oct 29 Miroslav Spousta David Talbot; Miles Osborne Smoothed Bloom Filter Language Models: Tera-Scale LMs on the Cheap http://www.aclweb.org/anthology-new/D/D07/D07-1049.pdf
Oct 17 Zdeněk Žabokrtský Mary Hearne, John Tinsley, Ventsislav Zhechev, Andy Way (2007): Capturing Translational Divergences with a Statistical Tree-to-Tree Aligner HearneEtAl_TMI_07.pdf

Spring&Summer 2007

Autumn&Winter 2006/2007

Nov 15 Glöckner, Ingo; Sven Hartrumpf; and Hermann Helbig (2006): Automatic knowledge acquisition by semantic analysis and assimilation of textual information gloeckner.ps - plná verze

Spring&Summer 2006

Mar 1 Ondřej Bojar D. Chiang: A Hierarchical Phrase-Based Model for Statistical Machine Translation, ACL, Ann Arbor, 2005.
Mar 8 Zdeněk Žabokrtský S. Kahan: The Meaning-Text Theory.
Mar 15 Pavel Schlesinger N. A. Smith and J. Eisner: Contrastive Estimation: Training Log-Linear Models on Unlabeled Data. ACL, Ann Arbor, 2005.
Mar 22 Pavel Pecina D. Ravichandran, P. Pantel and E.Hovy: Randomized Algorithms and NLP: Using Locality Sensitive Hash Functions for High Speed Noun Clustering, ACL, Ann Arbor, 2005.
Apr 5 Pavel Straňák Keh-Jiann Chen, Chi-Ching Luo, Ming-Chung Chang, Feng-Yi Chen, Chao-Jan Chen, Chu-Ren Huang: Sinica Treebank: Design criteria, representational issues and implementation.
Apr 12 Zdeněk Žabokrtský P. Sgall: Prague School Typology. In Masayoshi Shibatani and Theodora Bynon (eds), Approaches to Language Typology. Clarendon Press, Oxford, United Kingdom, 1995.
Apr 19 Barbora Hladká B. Scholkopf and A.J. Smola: A Short Introduction to Learning Method with Kernels.
May 3 Otakar Smrž
May 10 Barbora Hladká B. Scholkopf and A.J. Smola: A Short Introduction to Learning Method with Kernels.

Autumn&Winter 2005/2006

Oct 19 Kiril Ribarov Non-projective Dependency Parsing using Spanning Tree Algorithms.
Oct 26 Petr Podveský K. Crammer and Y. Singer: Ultraconservative on-line algorithms for multiclass problems, JMLR, 2003.
Nov 2 Jiří Havelka L. Georgiadis: Arborescence optimization problems solvable by Edmonds’ algorithm.
Nov 9 Barbora Hladká
Nov 16 Pavel Pecina B. Moore: Discriminative Framework for Bilingual Word Alignment, HLT/EMNLP, Vancouver, 2005.
Nov 23 Otakar Smrž Noah A. Smith, David A. Smith, Roy W. Tromble: Context-Based Morphological Disambiguation with Random Fields.
Nov 30 Václav Novák J. Eisner and D. Karakos: Bootstrapping Without the Boot, HLT/EMNLP, Vancouver, 2005.
Dec 7 Pavel Schlesinger B. Taskar, D. Klein, M. Collins, D. Koller and C. Manning: Max-Margin Parsing, EMNLP, Barcelona, 2004.
Dec 14 Daniel Zeman D. Zeman, Z. Zabokrstky: Improving Parsing Accuracy by Combining Diverse Dependecy Parsers, IWPT, Vancouver, 2005.
Jan 4 Ondřej Bojar Franz Och: Tutorial, MT Summit, 2005.
Jan 11 Jiří Semecký M. Carpuat and D. Wu: Word Sense Disambiguation vs. Statistical Machine Translation.

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