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Reading Group

Official name of this course is NPFL095 Modern Methods in Computational Linguistics. It is a continuation of informal Reading Group (RG) meetings. Requirements for getting credits:

All questions, reports and presented papers must be in English. The presentations are in English by default, but if all present people agree it may be in Czech.

Contact popel@ufal.mff.cuni.cz
Mailing list rg@ufal.mff.cuni.cz
Meetings Mondays 15:45, room S1
Past meetings courses:rg:past
Inspiration courses:rg:wishlist

Spring&Summer 2014

date speaker paper
Feb 24 startup meeting, John Langford: All Models of Learning have Flaws, 2007
Mar 3 Vincent RExtractor – A Framework for Extracting Relations from Texts, 2014
Mar 10 Rudolf MLFix
Mar 17 Petra paraphrases
Mar 23 Martin Treex
Mar 31 Ivana Sun, Grishman, Sekine: Semi-supervised Relation Extraction with Large-scale Word Clustering, ACL 2011
Apr 7 Loganathan McDonald, Petrov, Hall: Multi-source Transfer of Delexicalized Dependency Parsers, EMNLP 2011
Apr 14 Vincent Keith Hall: k-best Spanning Tree Parsing, ACL 2007
Apr 21 no RG Easter
May 5 Rudolf
May 12 Petra
May 19 Ivana last RG

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