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NPFL094, Morphological and Syntactic Analysis

This wiki page is intended as a communication means for students of the NPFL094 course (Morphological and Syntactic Analysis). To be able to edit the page, you need login name and password. If you don't have it, send your preferred project topic to me and I will add it here. — Daniel Zeman 2016/05/13 09:43

Student Projects

Each student should work on a different language. If you have chosen your language, please add your name and the name of the language to the following list so that others know (I've put myself as a sample entry to the beginning).

Beneath the list, you can create a section for your project, e.g. if you want to put there links to existing resources for your language.

Students from previous years are kept in the archive here and normally you should choose other language than they chose. However, some of them did not finish their work, in which case you can take it over.

SVN Repository for the Projects

For the first checkout of a working copy of the repository, you need a login name and a password for the ÚFAL svn server. If you previously participated on a project at ÚFAL (including some student projects, e.g. those accompanying the SMT seminar), chances are that you already have an account there. Otherwise, ask Dan Zeman.

The following commands will download the current contents of the repository to your Unix-like system. If you live in Windows, try TortoiseSVN.

svn --username $USER checkout https://svn.ms.mff.cuni.cz/svn/NPFL094
  # Everything, including other people's projects
svn --username $USER co https://svn.ms.mff.cuni.cz/svn/NPFL094/projects/$PROJECT
  # Obtain just files of project named $PROJECT


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