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Semantic Pattern Recognition (SPR) -- project webpage

People and contacts

Institute of Formal and Applied Linguistics
Charles University in Prague
Faculty of Mathematics and Physics

Malostranské náměstí 25
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CPA Verb Validation Sample 30 (En)

“CPA Verb Validation Sample 30 (En)” is a newly developed lexical resource. It contains descriptions of the following 30 English verbs:

access ally arrive breathe claim
cool cry crush deny enlarge
enlist forge furnish hail halt
part plug plough pour say
smash smell steer submit swell
tell throw trouble wake yield

Here we present a small portion of the data just to illustrate its structure. For each verb we define a set of semantic patterns and provide a sample of manually annotated corpus concordances. Then we do a detailed interannotator disagreement analysis, error detection, and adjudication.

Annotation Scheme Description

Pattern Definitions Preview

A few examples of revised PDEV entries:

An example of a pattern definition form in detail:

Annotated Data Preview

Each of the examples below contains a multiple annotated set of 50 corpus concordances with manual disagreement analysis and final adjudication. The adjudicated data are used as a gold standard sample.

Disagreement Analysis Preview

Confusion matrices for each pair of annotators and automatic disagreements analysis:

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