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Preliminary program


13:30 Lunch

14:30 short personal and project presentations
15:30 (approx.) coffee break
15:45 short personal and project presentations
16:30 accreditation

18:30 Dinner

19:30 UFAL Best Paper Award


8-9 Breakfast

9:30 Loganathan: Cross Lingual Grammar Induction: A Case Study for Tamil and Czech
10:15 Jarmila Panevová: PDT 3.0
10:35 Lucie Poláková: Genre annotation in PDT 3.0
10:55 Patrice Pognan: Definition of the Linguistic System of the West Slavonic Languages as the basis for their Description and Comparison
11:20 Jana Straková: A New State-Of-The-Art Czech Named Entity Recognizer
11:50 Natalia Kljueva: Machine Translation between Czech and Russian

12:30 Lunch followed by a short trip (walk, bike, … depending on weather)

15:30 coffee
16:00 Patrice Pognan: Classification of Polish Morphology
16:30 short personal and project presentations
17:30 (approx.) web

18:30 Small banquet

photos / slides from your trips ?


8-9 Breakfast

9:30 Silvie Cinková
10:00 Petra Barančíková: Lexical Paraphrasing for Improvement of MT Evaluation
10:30 Kateřina Rysová: On Contextual Boundness in PDT
11:00 Matěj Korvas: Česká lingvistická olympiáda

12:30 Lunch

trip - depending on weather (walk, bike, …)

Arrival, accommodation, meals, and other practical issues

Venue: Hotel Příchovice
Arrival: Thursday September 19, before lunch
Departure: Sunday September 22, 2013
Working days: Thu, Fri, Sat morning

As usual, the institute covers accommodation and meals (lunch Thu - lunch Sat; tap water with each meal) for all employees and students.

CHANGED: Unless otherwise stated, the institute will cover the hotel invoice (the accommodation and meals for all participants) for the whole period (lunch Thu - lunch Sun).
You are not supposed to pay the accommodation and meals for you and your family members on site. Instead, Ms. Brdickova will kindly ask you for reimbursement for your family members (and for your longer stay).

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