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SH: R.P. Scherer Corp. said that a 10.2 million $ sale to its subsidiary Southern Optical was completed by a group led by president Thomas R. Sloan and other managers. The maker of gelatin capsules decided to divest from non-encapsulating business after the acquisition of R.P. Scherers Group by a group buy-out led by Shearson Lehman Hutton earlier this year. Sale program of Southern Optical.

CB: RP Scherer Corp. said that they completed the sale of their subsidiary Southern Optical for $10.2 million to a group lead by Thomas R. Sloan, unit president, and another manager. The gelatin capsule maker decided to divest non-encapsulating business the after the acquisition of RP Scherer in the group buy-out lead by Shearson Lehman Hutton. Sentence 3 missing.

SM: R.P. Scherer Corp. said they have completed a sale of Southern Optical subsidiary for $ 10.2 million to a group led by Thomas R. Sloan, the unit president and other managers. R.P. Scherer Corp., a maker of gelatin capsules, decided to divest non-encapsulating business. Earlier this year an acquisition of R.P. Scherer Corp. ?? group buy-out lead by Shearon Lehman Hutton ??. The program is part of Southern Optical sale.

Original Article

R.P. Scherer Corp. said it completed the $ 10.2 million sale of its Southern Optical subsidiary to a group led by the unit's president, Thomas R. Sloan, and other managers. Following the acquisition of R.P. Scherer by a buy-out group led by Shearson Lehman Hutton earlier this year, the maker of gelatin capsules decided to divest itself of certain of its non-encapsulating businesses. The sale of Southern Optical is a part of the program.

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