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Meaning molecules

No. Sorts Entity Types Examples
1. d, io abs-info, con-info Urkunde (certificate), Webseite (web page)
2. ad, io nonment-dyn-abs-situation, prot-theor-concept Ritus (rite), Kommerzialisierung (commercialization)
3. ad, d, io abs-info, con-info, nonment-dyn-abs-situation Abmachung (agreement), Bekanntmachung (announcement)
4. d, io human-object, institution Regierung (government), Orchester (orchestra)
5. io, oa prot-theor-concept, oper-attribute Kosten (costs), Temperatur (temperature)
6. d, io nonmov-art-discrete, institution Bahnhof (railway station), Universität (university)
7. ad, io abs-info, nonment-dyn-abs-situation Ansprache (speech), Argumentation (reasoning)
8. as, io nonment-stat-abs-situation, prot-theor-concept Anarachie (anarchy), Arrest (arrest)
9. d, io nat-con-geogr, abs-geogr Kosmos (cosmos), Provinz (province)
10. ad, as nonment-stat-abs-situation, nonment-dyn-abs-situation Schwangerschaft (pregnancy), Teilnahme (participation)
11. d, d, io human-object, nonmov-art-discrete, institution Gericht (court), Schule (school)
12. d, io prot-discrete, prot-theor-concept Quadrat (square), Würfel (cube)
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