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java -jar <cedit.jar> [<content file>]


Double click on cedit.jar

Running problems

problem: I am having a problem with the actual programme.I can open the programme by right clicking and then I choose “Open with Java”. This I believe opens the actual programme.
When I try to open the file wsj_0050.c using “open file” I get… wsj_0050.t (no such file or directory).

I will add that I am using Linux.
I have unzipped the file wsj_0050.c and saved it to desktop.
I have also tried extracting and saving all the files from the folder task1.zip to desktop, and then opening the file wsj_0050.c
I then get the error wsj_0050.a (no such file or directory)

Answer: Make sure that the file wsj_0050.a (which is a part of the archive) is also in the desktop and it has read permission for you.

Reply: That seems to have worked. I have the programme working. I now have to find out how to use it.

Problem: I can now open the programme. But, once I try to work with it, my computer locks up.
I can open the file wsj_0050.c I can see the different texts in the top window. I can create a box in the lower window. But, once I try to use the dropdown menus the whole thing locks up and crashes my system.
Also I just downloaded Java 1.6 in XP and tried to run the programme in XP. I cannot get the programme to run.

Reply: Whenever the application crashes, there should be a record of it in the log. Send me the log file (wsj_0050.log), I'll try to figure out what happened. Can you be more specific about what happens in XP when you try to run it?

Reply:I will send the log.
When I try to use the programme in xp I get the error “Could not find the main class. Programme will exit.”

Reply: This is weird, either you have an old version of cedit.jar or your Java version is less than 1.6. You can find out the version on the command line (in Start→Run… dialog, type cmd and press OK, then type

java -version

The first row of the output contains the version).
Reply: Yes thank you. I thought had downloaded and installed 1.6. But apperently I was trying to use 1.5
I am now using 1.6 and the programme works.

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