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Rokytnice n. Jizerou, September 2022


Please, go to PAKT https://ufal.mff.cuni.cz/pakt/ > Nepřítomnost > Rokytnice n. J and fill in the form by Thursday Sep 8 2022.


Schedule + session details

Feel free to edit the spreadsheet to add your ideas or modify the existing programme!

We are also discussing the programme on the ÚFAL Slack, contact Zdeněk K. if you're not there yet.

Program overview

Topic owner Topic Links
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Martin Popel U4U Slides
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Tomasz Limisiewicz, Ondřej Plátek Reading group
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various people Internships and stays abroad Slides
Zdeněk Kasner PhD studies - feedback Slides, Form
Jindra Helcl Tips and tricks, cool tools

PhD studies feedback – Discussion outcomes

How to get there

Let IDOS and Mapy.cz be your friends ;)

Bus & hike

A group of people will go by bus from Prague to Harrachov (10.30 from Černý Most) + about a seven-kilometer hike from Harrachov to Rokytnice with a backpack.
Join us! (contact Bára Štěpánková for more info)

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