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-ť:\\  +ť: 
-''\def\softt{{\leavevmode\setbox1=\hbox{t}%\\ +<code> 
 \hbox to \wd1{t\kern-0.6ex{\char039}\hss}}}'' \hbox to \wd1{t\kern-0.6ex{\char039}\hss}}}''
 \softt{} \softt{}
 +\r{u} as ring
 +\caption{(Simplified) PDT 2.0 t-tree corresponding to the sentence
 +  \textit{`P\v{r}esto uveden\'\i{}m lh\accent23u{}ty ve smlouv\v{e} by
 +    se bylo p\v{r}ede\v{s}lo \v{c}etn\'{y}m nedorozum\v{e}n\'\i{}m,
 +    kter\'{a} se nyn\'\i{} objevila a kter\'{a} n\'{a}s mrz\'\i{}.'}
 +  (But still, stating the period in the contract would prevent
 +  frequent misunderstandings which have now arisen and which we are
 +  sorry about.) }
 +wdslatex citation:
 +  \citep[e.g.][]{label} = [e.g. Name, year]
 +  \citet{label} Name [year] in sentence that continues

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