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 **Bohnet Bernd** - Stuttgart **Bohnet Bernd** - Stuttgart
 vede kurz na MTT07 vede kurz na MTT07
-má soft develop enviroment MATE+má soft develop enviroment MATE - mam na disku
 install http://​www.informatik.uni-stuttgart.de/​ifi/​is/​mate/​ install http://​www.informatik.uni-stuttgart.de/​ifi/​is/​mate/​
 +**Alain Polguère** ​
 +napsal neco o Reduced Semantics Structures - neco jako nase tecto zrejme
 +**Francois Lareau**
 +MATE grammarian
 +**Sebastian Nagel**
 +o shode determiners a adjektiv v nemcine
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 [[Melčuk - Dependency Syntax]] [[Melčuk - Dependency Syntax]]
 +train(Barcelona,​ Munich) - quasi-predicate eh?

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