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Ze splitu (^AS) se lze dostat pomocí ^AQ.


:set list zobrazit neviditelné znaky
:h listchars které neviditelné znaky konkrétně
g[jk] přejít o vizuální řádek nahoru/dolů (při nastaveném 'wrap')
ga zobrazí Unicode Dec, Hex a Octal hodnotu znaku
]p jako “p”, ale přizpůsobí odsazení podle aktuálního řádku
Ctrl-6 přepíná tam a zpět mezi dvěma buffery

X na jiném displayi

startx -- :1

užitečné LaTeXové balíčky a triky

Sort in BibTeX

The solution is to embed the sort key in the author’s name, but to prevent it from being typeset. Patashnik recommends a command \noopsort (no-output-sortkey), which is defined and used as follows:

@PREAMBLE{ {\providecommand{\noopsort}[1]{}} }

AUTHOR = “{\noopsort{Rayleigh}}{Lord Rayleigh}”,


Note that this \noopsort applies to the last name in this kind of construct, so an author with an Arabic name might be rendered:

AUTHOR = “Ali {\noopsort{Hadiidii}}{al-Hadiidii}”,

A further use might deal with word order games, as in the famous Vietnamese name:

AUTHOR = “\noopsort{Thanh Han The}{Han The Thanh}”,

Xyling (lingvistické stromy)

Ross Moore napsal (xetex mailing list, 9. ledna 2009 22:05:50 GMT+01:00):

there is a simple way to overcome
incompatibilities between packages, when you are
*absolutely certain* that your document is only going to
use a macro in just one way. For the case at hand:

Of course this will mean that you cannot put words requiring
\B  and  \T  within the content of the linguistic-tree nodes.

If this is in fact needed, then a better approach would be:

Now you can locally reset \B to the original one:
  some words needing ...\B.... }}
within linguistic tree nodes.
Similarly for \T .

Yes, this requires great care; but at least it is possible.

Synergy tunelem

alias synergman='ssh -f -N -L 24801:localhost:24800 stranak@manfred && synergyc -f localhost:24801'

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