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Linux – verze distribuce:

lsb_release -d


Ze splitu (^AS) se lze dostat pomocí ^AQ.

Transpozice tabulky (mac)

rs -t


:set list zobrazit neviditelné znaky
:h listchars které neviditelné znaky konkrétně
g[jk] přejít o vizuální řádek nahoru/dolů (při nastaveném 'wrap')
gv obnovit předchozí výběr (v)
ga zobrazí Unicode Dec, Hex a Octal hodnotu znaku
]p jako “p”, ale přizpůsobí odsazení podle aktuálního řádku
Ctrl-6 přepíná tam a zpět mezi dvěma buffery
:set paste “paste” režim neindentuje vkládaný text
<ctrl>-R <reg> vložit obsah registru v insert režimu nebo v :příkazu
<ctrl>-O “suspend insert mode” = jeden příkaz z normálního režimu.
abbreviate <abbr> <string> expand <abbr> to <string> by typing <abbr>+space
:imap TTT <esc>2Bdwi<<esc>pi><esc>F<"tyWElxE"tp2bi/<esc>$i
napsání TTT vezme slovo-1,obalí jej slovem-2 jako html tagem a píše plynule dál
Enable search-related options: highlight matches in a search (hls), show the current matching pattern as you search

(is), ignore case (ic) unless you are searching for both upper and lowercase letters (scs). The second line
adds the mapping Ctrl+n to quickly disable the currently highlighted search term (using the command :noh):
set hls is ic scs
nmap <silent> <C-n> :noh<CR>

X na jiném displayi

startx -- :1

užitečné LaTeXové balíčky a triky

Sort in BibTeX

The solution is to embed the sort key in the author’s name, but to prevent it from being typeset. Patashnik recommends a command \noopsort (no-output-sortkey), which is defined and used as follows:

@PREAMBLE{ {\providecommand{\noopsort}[1]{}} }

AUTHOR = “{\noopsort{Rayleigh}}{Lord Rayleigh}”,


Note that this \noopsort applies to the last name in this kind of construct, so an author with an Arabic name might be rendered:

AUTHOR = “Ali {\noopsort{Hadiidii}}{al-Hadiidii}”,

A further use might deal with word order games, as in the famous Vietnamese name:

AUTHOR = “\noopsort{Thanh Han The}{Han The Thanh}”,

Xyling (lingvistické stromy)

Ross Moore napsal (xetex mailing list, 9. ledna 2009 22:05:50 GMT+01:00):

there is a simple way to overcome
incompatibilities between packages, when you are
*absolutely certain* that your document is only going to
use a macro in just one way. For the case at hand:

Of course this will mean that you cannot put words requiring
\B  and  \T  within the content of the linguistic-tree nodes.

If this is in fact needed, then a better approach would be:

Now you can locally reset \B to the original one:
  some words needing ...\B.... }}
within linguistic tree nodes.
Similarly for \T .

Yes, this requires great care; but at least it is possible.

Synergy tunelem

alias synergman='ssh -f -N -L 24801:localhost:24800 stranak@manfred && synergyc -f localhost:24801'

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