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Definice lingvistických termínů (či pokusy o ně)

lexeme (lexém)
Filipec, J., Lexicology and lexicography: Development and state of the research,
in: The Prague School of Structural and Functional Linguistics, edited by
P. A. Luelsdorff, pp. 163–183, J. Benjamins, Amsterdam/Philadelphia, 1994.
  1. lexém v kontextu (allolex) je lexeme-token, ale “lexém v typickém kontextu” je lexeme-type (???)
  2. poslední věta citace mi připomíná (také Filipcovu) definici lexie. Jaký je tedy jejich vztah?



česky nikoliv lexie, ale lexikum! Tedy celá slovní zásoba daného jazyka.


Toto je Filipcova 'lexie'.

Bridging Anaphora

First, bridging is not a regular class, it seldom contains cases of associative and indirect anaphora (defined in the sequence)

Usually bridging anaphora considers two types: Associative anaphors are NPs that have an antecedent that is necessary to their interpretation (the relation between the anaphor and its antecedent is different from identity); and Indirect anaphor are those that have an identity relation with their antecedents but the anaphor and its antecedent have different headnouns. In both associative and indirect anaphora, the semantic relation holding between the anaphor and its antecedent play an essential role for resolution.


Bridging is a referential phenomenon occurring when the referent of a linguistic expression can be determined only by recovering a meaningful implicit relation with an already mentioned entity or event. For example, in the following Italian sentences, the correct interpretation for richieste requires the identification of the implicit relation between the set of requests for underwriting and the bond to be underwritten.

  ex. Un nuovo prestito obbligazionario al tasso del
  7% e della durata di tre anni verra emesso
  domani dal Banco Ambroveneto, .... Le
  richieste verranno accettate dal 2 al 14 ottobre.
  [A new bond loan...will be issued tomorrow
  by Banco Ambroveneto, .... The requests will
  he accepted from the 2nd to the 14th of


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