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Marco Pennacchiotti, Patrick Pantel: Entity Extraction via Ensemble Semantics, ACL 2009.


  1. What are “seed instances” good for?
  2. What is the difference between B4 and ES-all (apart from different results)?
    1. See the formula 1 (the average precision AP(L)). Describe it in words and write a formula for P(i) (corr(i) should be pretty clear from the text).
    2. Draw (or describe in words) a curve of best possible system into Figure 2.
  3. Explain the “termness” feature type, give an example of a feature showing termness of a string and explain what “kind of low-termness instances” it helps to eliminate.
  4. What is the difference between entity extraction and named entity extraction task?
  5. What is sum_{i=1}^{|L|}corr(i) for Athletes and B3 in the evaluation?

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