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Reading Group

Official name of this course is NPFL095 Modern Methods in Computational Linguistics. It is a continuation of informal Reading Group (RG) meetings.

Contact popel at ufal.mff.cuni.cz
Mailing list rg at ufal.mff.cuni.cz
List Archive http://ufal.mff.cuni.cz/mailman/listinfo/rg
Meetings Mondays 15:10, room S1


A source of inspiration: Edinburgh Reading Group, ACL archive, http://scholar.google.com

Spring&Summer 2011

date speaker paper
May 23 ?
May 16 ?
May 9 ?
May 2 ?
Apr 25 no RG - Easter
Apr 18 ?
Apr 11 ?
Apr 4 Loganathan Ramasamy ?
Mar 28 Nathan Green ?
Mar 21 no RG - Lindat kick-off meeting
Mar 14 Eda Bejček Dennis Reidsma, Jean Carletta (2008): Reliability Measurement without Limits
Mar 7 Martin Popel Reliability measures (no paper to read for this meeting)
Feb 28 startup meeting

Autumn&Winter 2010/2011

date speaker paper
Jan 10 Last meeting of this semester - credits for NPFL095
Jan 3 Radoslav Klíč Richard Wicentowski (2004): Multilingual Noise-Robust Supervised Morphological Analysis using the WordFrame Model comments by Martin Kirschner , Comments by Loganathan
Dec 20 Lasha Abzianidze Philippe de Groote: Towards a Montagovian account of dynamics, 2008. Intro Slides, Main Slides comments by Srdjan Prodanovic
Dec 13 Srdjan Prodanovic Tom M. Mitchell, Svetlana V. Shinkareva, Andrew Carlson, Kai-Min Chang, Vicente L. Malave, Robert A. Mason, Marcel Adam Just Predicting Human Brain Activity Associated with the Meanings of Nouns PDF PPT presentation slides , 2008
Dec 6 Karel Vandas Nicola Ueffing, Gholamreza Haffari and Anoop Sarkar: Transductive learning for statistical machine translation, ACL 2007 comments by Bushra Jawaid
Nov 29 Bushra Jawaid Steve DeNeefe, Ulf Hermjakob and Kevin Knight: Overcoming Vocabulary Sparsity in MT using Lattices , AMTA 2008, comments by Angelina Ivanova
Nov 22 Angelina Ivanova Gosse Bouma: Cross-lingual Ontology Alignment using EuroWordNet and Wikipedia, LREC 2010, comments by Lasha Abzianidze
Nov 15 Septina Larasati Linda Wiechetek, Francis M. Tyers, and Thomas Omma: Shooting at Flies in the Dark: Rule-Based Lexical Selection for a Minority Language Pair, IceTAL 2010, comments by Radoslav Klíč
Nov 8 Michal Novák Aria Haghighi and Dan Klein: Coreference Resolution in a Modular, Entity-Centered Model, HLT 2010, comments
Nov 1 Martin Kirschner Matteo Negri and Milen Kouylekov: A WordNet-based system for multi-way classification of semantic relations comments by Septina Larasati
Oct 25 Loganathan Ramasamy Kuzman Ganchev, Jennifer Gillenwater and Ben Taskar: Dependency Grammar Induction via Bitext Projection Constraints, ACL 2009, comments by David Mareček
Oct 18 Martin Popel Kevin Duh et al.: N-Best Reranking by Multitask Learning, ACL WMT 2010, comments by Karel Vandas
Oct 11 Eda Bejček Matthew Gerber and Joyce Y. Chai: Beyond NomBank: A Study of Implicit Arguments for Nominal Predicates, ACL 2010, comments by Martin Popel
Oct 4 startup meeting

Spring&Summer 2010

date speaker paper
May 24 Ondřej Bojar Kevin Gimpel and Noah A. Smith: Cube Summing, Approximate Inference with Non-Local Features, and Dynamic Programming without Semirings. In Proceedings of EACL, Athens, Greece, March/April 2009 slides
May 10 Martin Popel Ronald Rosenfeld: A Maximum Entropy Approach to Adaptive Statistical Language Modeling (cont.) Martinovy poznámky
May 3 Elizabeth Shriberg Automatic speaker recognition, feature selection, linear interpolation and its connotations, demography and stock market
Apr 26 Martin Popel Ronald Rosenfeld: A Maximum Entropy Approach to Adaptive Statistical Language Modeling
Apr 12 David Mareček Jens Nillson, Joakim Nivre, Johan Hall: Graph Transformations in Data-Driven Dependency Parsing
Mar 29 Martin Popel Jeff Bilmes and Katrin Kirchhoff: Factored Language Models and Generalized Parallel Backoff (plus tutorial)
Mar 22 Zdeněk Žabokrtský Deniz Yuret and Mehmet Ali Yatbaz: The Noisy Channel Model for Unsupervised Word Sense Disambiguation, Computational Linguistics 2010
Mar 15 Ondřej Bojar Philipp Koehn and Barry Haddow: Interactive Assistance to Human Translators using Statistical Machine Translation Methods, MT Summit XII, 2009.
Mar 8 startup meeting

Autumn&Winter 2009/2010

date speaker paper přečíst?
Dec 14 Martin Popel Wei Lu, Hwee Tou Ng, Wee Sun Lee: Natural Language Generation with Tree Conditional Random Fields
Dec 7 David Mareček Nivre, J.: Non-Projective Dependency Parsing in Expected Linear Time. ACL 2009
Nov 23, Nov 30 Jana Straková John Lafferty, Andrew McCallum and Fernando Pereira: Conditional Random Fields: Probabilistic Models for Segmenting and Labeling Sequence Data,
Hanna M. Wallach. Conditional Random Fields: An Introduction
Nov 9 Zdeněk Žabokrtský Eugene Charniak and Micha Elsner: EM Works for Pronoun Anaphora Resolution. EACL 2009
Oct 26, Nov 2 Ondřej Bojar Kevin Knight: Bayesian Inference with Tears. September 2009.
článek byl delší, ale čtivý a přesně takové jsou i Ondrovy poznámky k němu
Ano, i s úkoly
Oct 19 Eda Bejček Josh Schroeder, Trevor Cohn, and Philipp Koehn: Word Lattices for Multi-Source Translation. EACL 2009
přehledné rozdělení metod; dobře, že udělali tolik experimentů, škoda některých nepodložených interpretací; potřebná znalost Mojžíše; omezili množství trénovacích dat – chybí test, zda více dat není účinnější než více jazyků; klesá skutečně MAX s množstvím jazyků? (to je divné, neměly by se tedy vážit výsledky jednotlivých systémů (viz věta s “little benefit”, 2.1)? A nebo není příčinou spíš než přidání šestého jazyka přidání špatného jazyka (Table 6)? Jak by dopadly testy po dvojicích?); v závěru 2.3 vynechávají reordering s odkazem na diversitu zdrojových jazyků – to nemusí platit
Oct 15 Pavel Pecina Daniel David Walker, Eric K. Ringger: Model-based document clustering with a collapsed gibbs sampler, Fotky tabule
Oct 12 Pavel Schlesinger Gibbsův sampling (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gibbs_sampling)

Spring&Summer 2009

Autumn&Winter 2008/2009

date speaker paper
Mon Jan 5 Martin Popel Thorsten Brants, Ashok C. Popat, Peng Xu, Franz J. Och, Jeffrey Dean: Large Language Models in Machine Translation, 2007
Mon Dec 1 Jan Ptáček Improving Statistical MT through Morphological Analysis
Mon Nov 24 Pavel Češka A TAG-based noisy channel model of speech repairs
Wed Nov 19 Ondřej Bojar Forest Reranking: Discriminative Parsing with Non-Local Features by Liang Huang (see Google Tech Talks), Forest-Based Translation by Haitao Mi and Liang Huang and Qun Liu
Mon Nov 10 Zdeněk Žabokrtský Katja Filippova and Michael Strube: Sentence Fusion via Dependency Graph Compression, 2008
Mon Nov 3 Jiří Mírovský Alexander E. Richman and Patrick Schone: Mining Wiki Resources for Multilingual Named Entity Recognition, ACL, Columbus, 2008.
Wed Oct 20 Jan Raab Libin Shen, Giorgio Satta, and Aravind K. Joshi: Guided Learning for Bidirectional Sequence Classification, ACL, Prague, 2007.

Spring&Summer 2008

date speaker paper
Mar 17 Pavel Schlesinger Aria Haghighi and Dan Klein: Unsupervised Coreference Resolution in a Nonparametric Bayesian Model, ACL, Prague, 2007.
Mar 31 Pavel Schlesinger Unsupervised Coreference Resolution in a Nonparametric Bayesian Model, 2nd part :-)
Apr 28 Pavel Straňák Diana McCarthy, Rob Koeling, Julie Weeds and John Carroll: Unsupervised Acquisition of Predominant Word Senses in Computational Linguistics 33 (4), 2007

Autumn&Winter 2007/2008

Nov 26 Markéta Lopatková Friedrich Otto: Restarting Automata (Notes for a Course), Technical Report, Universitat kassel, 2004.
Nov 19 Dan Zeman Anil Kumar Singh (अनिल कुमार सिंह), Jagadeesh Gorla: Identification of Languages and Encodings in a Multilingual Document Identification of Languages and Encodings in a Multilingual Document. In: Proceedings of the 3rd ACL SIGWAC Workshop on Web as Corpus, pp. 95-108. Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium, 2007.
Nov 12 Otakar Smrž M. Nowak, N. Komarova, P. Niyogi. Computational and Evolutionary Aspects of Language. Nature, Vol. 417, pp. 611-617, 2002.
Nov 5 Jan Ptáček Philipp Koehn; Hieu Hoang: Factored Translation Models, EMNLP & CoNLL, Prague, 2007.
Oct 29 Miroslav Spousta David Talbot; Miles Osborne Smoothed Bloom Filter Language Models: Tera-Scale LMs on the Cheap http://www.aclweb.org/anthology-new/D/D07/D07-1049.pdf
Oct 17 Zdeněk Žabokrtský Mary Hearne, John Tinsley, Ventsislav Zhechev, Andy Way (2007): Capturing Translational Divergences with a Statistical Tree-to-Tree Aligner HearneEtAl_TMI_07.pdf

Spring&Summer 2007

Autumn&Winter 2006/2007

Nov 15 Glöckner, Ingo; Sven Hartrumpf; and Hermann Helbig (2006): Automatic knowledge acquisition by semantic analysis and assimilation of textual information gloeckner.ps - plná verze

Spring&Summer 2006

Mar 1 Ondřej Bojar D. Chiang: A Hierarchical Phrase-Based Model for Statistical Machine Translation, ACL, Ann Arbor, 2005.
Mar 8 Zdeněk Žabokrtský S. Kahan: The Meaning-Text Theory.
Mar 15 Pavel Schlesinger N. A. Smith and J. Eisner: Contrastive Estimation: Training Log-Linear Models on Unlabeled Data. ACL, Ann Arbor, 2005.
Mar 22 Pavel Pecina D. Ravichandran, P. Pantel and E.Hovy: Randomized Algorithms and NLP: Using Locality Sensitive Hash Functions for High Speed Noun Clustering, ACL, Ann Arbor, 2005.
Apr 5 Pavel Straňák Keh-Jiann Chen, Chi-Ching Luo, Ming-Chung Chang, Feng-Yi Chen, Chao-Jan Chen, Chu-Ren Huang: Sinica Treebank: Design criteria, representational issues and implementation.
Apr 12 Zdeněk Žabokrtský P. Sgall: Prague School Typology. In Masayoshi Shibatani and Theodora Bynon (eds), Approaches to Language Typology. Clarendon Press, Oxford, United Kingdom, 1995.
Apr 19 Barbora Hladká B. Scholkopf and A.J. Smola: A Short Introduction to Learning Method with Kernels.
May 3 Otakar Smrž
May 10 Barbora Hladká B. Scholkopf and A.J. Smola: A Short Introduction to Learning Method with Kernels.

Autumn&Winter 2005/2006

Oct 19 Kiril Ribarov Non-projective Dependency Parsing using Spanning Tree Algorithms.
Oct 26 Petr Podveský K. Crammer and Y. Singer: Ultraconservative on-line algorithms for multiclass problems, JMLR, 2003.
Nov 2 Jiří Havelka L. Georgiadis: Arborescence optimization problems solvable by Edmonds’ algorithm.
Nov 9 Barbora Hladká
Nov 16 Pavel Pecina B. Moore: Discriminative Framework for Bilingual Word Alignment, HLT/EMNLP, Vancouver, 2005.
Nov 23 Otakar Smrž Noah A. Smith, David A. Smith, Roy W. Tromble: Context-Based Morphological Disambiguation with Random Fields.
Nov 30 Václav Novák J. Eisner and D. Karakos: Bootstrapping Without the Boot, HLT/EMNLP, Vancouver, 2005.
Dec 7 Pavel Schlesinger B. Taskar, D. Klein, M. Collins, D. Koller and C. Manning: Max-Margin Parsing, EMNLP, Barcelona, 2004.
Dec 14 Daniel Zeman D. Zeman, Z. Zabokrstky: Improving Parsing Accuracy by Combining Diverse Dependecy Parsers, IWPT, Vancouver, 2005.
Jan 4 Ondřej Bojar Franz Och: Tutorial, MT Summit, 2005.
Jan 11 Jiří Semecký M. Carpuat and D. Wu: Word Sense Disambiguation vs. Statistical Machine Translation.

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