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Reading Group

Official name of this course is NPFL095 Modern Methods in Computational Linguistics. It is a continuation of informal Reading Group (RG) meetings. Requirements for getting credits:

All reports and presented papers must be in English. The presentations are in English by default, but if all present people agree it may be in Czech.

Contact popel@ufal.mff.cuni.cz
Mailing list rg@ufal.mff.cuni.cz
List Archive http://ufal.mff.cuni.cz/mailman/listinfo/rg
Meetings Mondays 16:15, room S1
Past meetings courses:rg:past
Inspiration courses:rg:wishlist

Autumn&Winter 2012/2013

date speaker paper
Oct 1 startup meeting
Oct 8 Rudolf Rosa Hanna Béchara, Yanjun Ma, Josef van Genabith: Statistical Post-Editing for a Statistical MT System, MT Summit 2011, report by Jindra Helcl
Oct 15 Ales Tamchyna Ferhan Ture, Douglas W. Oard and Philip Resnik: Encouraging Consistent Translation Choices , NAACL 2012, report by Ondřej Dušek, report by Bushra Jawaid
Oct 22 Jindra Helcl Zhongqiang Huang, Martin Cmejrek, Bowen Zhou: Soft Syntactic Constraints for Hierarchical Phrase-based Translation Using Latent Syntactic Distributions, EMNLP 2010: 138-147, report by Petr Jankovský
Oct 29 Matěj Korvas Percy Liang, Ben Taskar, Dan Klein: Alignment by Agreement, HLT-NAACL '06, report by Aleš Tamchyna
Nov 5 Petr Jankovský Chi-kiu Lo and Dekai Wu: MEANT: An inexpensive, high-accuracy, semi-automatic metric for evaluating translation utility via semantic frames (ACL 2011), report by Rudolf Rosa
Nov 12 Matous Machacek Philipp Koehn: Statistical significance tests for machine translation evaluation, EMNLP 2004, report by Aleš Tamchyna report by Lukáš Žilka
Nov 19 Karel Bílek Stefan Riezler and John T. Maxwell III: On Some Pitfalls in Automatic Evaluation and Significance Testing for MT, MTSE 2005.
Nov 26 Ondřej Dušek François Mairesse, Milica Gašić, Filip Jurčíček, Simon Keizer, Blaise Thomson, Kai Yu and Steve Young: Phrase-based Statistical Language Generation using Graphical Models and Active Learning, ACL 2010
Dec 3 Honza Václ Mohit Bansal, Dan Klein: Coreference Semantics from Web Features, ACL 2012
Dec 10 Lukas Zilka Ryan McDonald, Keith Hall, Gideon Mann: Distributed Training Strategies for the Structured Perceptron, NAACL 2010
Dec 17 Josef Čech M. Lopatková, T.Holan : Segmentation Charts for Czech – Relations among Segments in Complex Sentences, LATA 2009
Jan 7 last RG

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