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Hejnice, September 2010


Mezinárodní centrum duchovní obnovy / International Center for Spiritual Rehabilitation, Hejnice, September 2010


Final Program

Sunday, Sept. 12


Monday, Sept. 13



Tuesday, Sept. 14



Accommodation and meal

We will start with dinner on Sunday evening and end with breakfast on Wednesday morning – the accommodation and meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner, including one glass/cup of drink) in these days will be covered by UFAL for all employees (and students).
For those who want to prolong their stay in Hejnice:
You (and your family members) may arrive on Saturday and stay there till next Saturday. You are supposed to cover all expenses for Saturday-Sunday and Wednesday-Saturday yourselves (Saturday-Sunday will be invoiced to UFAL and you will be asked for reimbursement; for Wednesday-Saturday, please pay in Hejnice).

400 Kč accommodation per person/day
300 Kč meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
children up to 6 years - meals for free
children 6-10 years - meals 100 Kč/day

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