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Task 1

Dear annotators,

this is the first task:

  1. Replace your version of file cedit.jar with the newest one (see task two on how to do that)
  2. Download data files the same way
  3. Run the tool and open the file wsj_0050.c − There is one article with three sentences.
  4. Annotate the text into the same network as on the pictures below. Create new empty pages for other HOWTOs you want to see if the supplied HOWTOs here aren't sufficient.
  5. Commit the folder when you are done (you can do this more often to save your work).

Don't hesitate to add contents to this or any other wiki page and create ones that you would find useful.

Important note: The node IDs and the precise node positions don't have to match. It doesn't matter whether a node has e.g. ID C11 or C145, as far as it is otherwise the same as on the picture. You have no means to change IDs of created nodes. But if a node occurs in more than one sentence (you can see this from its ID − if it's the same in both sentences, it's the same concept, if they are different, then these are two concepts that only look the same), make sure you have also only one node, possibly with different ID than on the picture, but still the same for both sentences. This applies to e.g. node C16.

Sentence 1


Sentence 2


Sentence 3


MultiNet (Multilayered Extended Semantic Networks) is developed and maintained
by Intelligent Information and Communication Systems Department of FernUniversität in Hagen.

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