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Central TeXLive distributions

If you are using TeXLive on your linux workstations you may use texlive-full portable installed in:


There are folders for several years backward up to the latest distribution.

In order to use the shared TeX binaries from the command line, you may want to add the following line to your .bashrc:

export PATH=/opt/texlive/2018/bin/x86_64-linux/:$PATH


You may use this config file for setting up texstudio to use version from 2018.

Tips and Tricks for LaTeX

počítání slov (a dalších věcí)

texcount soubor.tex

texcount -inc soubor.tex … započítá správně slova i v souborech vložených v hlavním souboru pomocí \include

Podrobnosti v dokumentaci: texdoc texcount


Some PBML and SCTL-specific issues can be found at these links.

pdf-a verification of theses

All theses submitted at the Charles University must be in the pdf-a format,
following a specific set of requirements defined by a university profile.
`/lnet/ms/projects/verapdf/checkpdf` in the ufal internal network is a wrapper for the verapdf tool which you can use to check whether your thesis fulfills these requirements. New university profiles appear regularly at
https://cuni.cz/UK-7987.html , so don't rely on the default.

Anša's experience:
I used Eda's LaTeX template (send me an e-mail if you want to get it) and no amount of tweaking would give me a valid pdf-a, even though I was using


and compiling with a wrapper script containing the line

  LC_ALL=cs_CZ.UTF-8 xelatex -shell-escape -output-driver="xdvipdfmx -z 0" -synctex=1 "$@"

I sent my pdf file to Petra Hoffmannová from the library, who ran my pdf file through Adobe Acrobat (the library has a commercial licence)… and voilà, it was a valid pdf-a. Unlike verapdf, Acrobat also gives a detailed summary of the exact issues with your file (like which piece of text in which image fails the validation).

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