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v common lispu, taky embedded cecko, java comming mozna soon

z JHU WS02

(setq r '((process ((lex "say")
                    (tense past)
                    (object-clause that)))
          (circum ((time ((cat pp)
                          (prep ((lex "in")))
                          (np ((lex "January")
                               (determiner none)))))))
          (partic ((affected ((cat clause)
                              (process ((lex "increase")
                                        (tense past)))
                              (partic ((created ((cat measure)
                                                 (quantity ((value 5)))
                                                 (unit ((lex "pct")))))
                                       (agent ((cat np)
                                               (head ((lex "rate")
                                                      (number plural)
                                                      (determiner none)))
                                               (classifier ((lex "ad")
                                                            (determiner none)))
                                               (possessor ((lex "Newsweek")
                                                           (determiner none)))))))))
                   (agent ((complex apposition)
                           (punctuation ((after ",")))
                           (distinct ~(((lex "Spoon")
                                        (classifier ((lex "Alan")))
                                        (determiner none))
                                       ((lex "name")
                                        (classifier ((lex "president")))
                                        (determiner none))))))))))

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