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Welcome to the ÚFAL wiki!

In order to edit or view some parts of this wiki you must log in (see the Login button on the left).
If you don't have a password (or have forgotten or have some other problems), please contact one of the wiki admins (Martin Popel, Rudolf Rosa or Honza Ptáček).
Please, don't log in with username ufal (it is desirable to know who edited what).

After login, you can create any pages in your personal namespace. For pages of general interest for all ÚFAL members, prefer using English.
See Návod k obsluze této Wiki and WikiBugs.


Granty: Podávání projektů, Čísla grantů

Map of Projects and People at UFAL

Spolupráce s průmyslem

Data, nástroje a návody / Data, tools and howto

Konference a semináře




  1. česky Univerzita Karlova, Matematicko-fyzikální fakulta,
  2. anglicky Charles University, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics,
  3. ve zkrácené formě česky MFF UK,
  4. ve zkrácené formě anglicky Charles Univ, Fac Math & Phys.

Výzkum - dlouhodobé

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